support AML's mission any of three primary ways: 


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  2. Prayer 
  3. Volunteer Time and Talent

be·lay (/biˈlā/)

To hold fast; to hold firm.

Why Our Supporters Are The "Belay Team"

In climbing, there exists a relationship between climber and belayer. The climber ventures out into new -and often unfamiliar- terrain. He or she does so with the confidence that there is a belayer who is firmly anchored and is securing the rope. The belayer is an essential piece in reaching any summit. 

We have adopted the image of this relationship to illustrate the significance of those who would "hold the ropes" in this ministry. As AML staff and volunteers venture out into the terrain of serving participants face-to-face we are encouraged, uplifted, and equipped for the task by our Belay Team. 

The AML Belay Team embodies the values out of which we operate. AML is blessed to have a strong Belay Team, securing our programs for continued and amazing work.

AML is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations made to AML are tax deductible.