CFP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see the information below for some of our most frequently asked questions about Created For Purpose (or CFP). If you don't see the question that you have, or if you'd like more information on a question covered below, simply contact our team at

Travel Questions

Where and when should students arrive for the program start?

We ask that students arrive on the morning of their CFP program start date. Students are asked to show up within the time window outlined in their application paperwork (received after initiating the application process). The first day is a busy one, and it is important that we have a timely start.

Where can we stay if we are driving in from out of town the night before?

There are a multitude of lodging options in and around Boone. Options range from small locally owned motels to larger more familiar hotel chains. We recommend that you find accommodations near to, if not in, Boone itself. 

Can a student fly-in to a local airport?

Charlotte is a major airport with shuttles directly to Boone. However, because the program start is in a rural location (just outside of Boone), not serviced by local public transportation, getting from Boone to the CFP starting location will require additional logistics work. If you are considering flying your student in for CFP, we recommend that you contact us (at so that we can begin working to accommodate your student.

Will students be able to shower and clean-up before traveling home?

Yes, our final camp will allow for students to shower and change into a fresh set of clothes before traveling home on the final day of the expedition.


Equipment Questions

What does AML provide? What are students responsible for bringing?

We recommend reading over our CFP Clothing and Gear List. In addition to a clearly bulleted list of what students are responsible for bringing, this document also covers important considerations about specific pieces of equip (for example, "what makes an appropriate boot for CFP"). Also included in this document is a list of items we wish for students to refrain from bringing. We are happy to speak with you about  any other questions regarding equipment that we use or equipment you would like to bring but don't see on the list.

How is the quality of the gear that AML provides?

One of our core values is excellence, and our equipment is no exception. All the gear that we provide is in excellent condition and suited specifically for the rigors and uses that a CFP expedition demands. 


financial questions

Are students permitted to raise support to fund their Created for Purpose expedition?

Yes, absolutely. Once you have applied for the program, we will provide you with the information that you will need in order to gather the support that you may need to embark on Created for Purpose. But you are not required to raise support if you wish to cover the entire cost of yourself/your student.

Can you provide scholarship funds for other CFP students?

Yes, you may absolutely provide a scholarship in support of another CFP student.


Considerations while applying for CFP

Created for purpose is an incredible, and big, commitment.

For mentors and students, CFP is a big commitment. Students are committing to raising a team of prayer support, embarking on a 14 day adventure of a lifetime, and investing in an 11 month long mentoring process. Mentors are committing to praying for their student for the duration of their expedition and then prayerfully encouraging them through a mentoring relationship for the coming 11 months. Both are committing to a considerable investment of time and resources towards their CFP experience.

The 14-day expedition is a physical journey.

Our instructors are highly trained for performing their duties in deep wilderness settings. However, we recognize that our students aren't accustomed to such an immersive wilderness experience. During their expedition, students will be moving camp on a daily basis, covering up to 8 miles in a day while carrying a 35-40lb pack for consecutive days. The CFP expedition also takes place in beautiful, remote, and rugged mountains, and students will move over this terrain in a variety of weather conditions and must be committed to a high level of self care to ensure personal and group safety. It is a good idea to prepare for your CFP expedition by incorporating regular exercise in the months leading up to your program start date.