In an increasingly urbanized world, there is a heightened need to go out into the wilderness, to places where creation is untrammeled and awaiting to teach us through its pristine palette of God’s colors. People today are busy, out of rhythm, and unable to experience the peace of Christ. Even in his church, we are tempted to expand programs instead of enlarge souls.”
— Dr. Ashley Denton


At AML, we affirm that by continuing to utilize immersive wilderness programs for Christian Spiritual Formation. Our Instructing Team is uniquely qualified to lead groups through both the technical elements of our programs and the precious opportunity to connect with Jesus.

We build these programs custom for each group, and they may range from a single day's experience to a weeklong journey of physical and spiritual adventure. Providing spiritual leadership is not something we approach casually. Entrusting us with your group- be it youth or adults- is an exercise of trust... and we understand that. We work with Christians from a variety of backgrounds and denominations, and we are happy to discuss any of the details regarding our discipleship curriculum prior to crafting your program.

  • These programs can be built for youth or adults- no matter how old your group is or how long your group members have been following Jesus.

  • We build these programs from 1 day to 7 days in length.

  • AML provides all technical equipment required for all programs, regardless of program length.

  • AML provides all food necessary for the duration of your program.

  • All AML programs start remotely, meaning your group will be responsible for transportation to the designated trailhead or program location.

  • Our fee structure is based on a group minimum of 8 participants. We can serve a maximum of 12 participants on our full day programs.