Adventurous Spirit


As our Board of Directors bouldered in sub-optimal conditions (adverse rock and weather conditions) this past Saturday afternoon, Landon topped out a snow covered, briar and poison ivy entangled problem which he dubbed, "Farmer Ted's." It was a real thing of beauty to watch those final adventurous moves through the thickest part of the briars before reaching the climb's finale. It was also a rare moment, because I don't think that climb will ever be repeated.

One of the greatest things about an adventurous spirit is that it compels individuals and groups to pursue, even in the face of adversity. It helps us to look into the future with a measured optimism. It helps us see the larger vision, the bigger mission, and translate temporary struggles or hardships as the seasonal events that they are. An adventurous spirit helps us to ride through the swells of adversity as we serve larger visions rather than responding to those challenges out of fear.

For leaders, an adventurous spirit is a handy tool- even necessary. How has an adventurous spirit benefited you in leadership, in relationships, in life?