At AML, we operate out of four distinctive and defining core values. One of those values is Belief. We define Belief as "conviction that leads to bold and consistent action and a commitment to the ongoing process of examining, refining, and understanding those convictions." While we teach our core values, we also strive daily to embody these values in our personal and professional lives.

The bold and consistent action that Belief leads us into often unravels into circumstances that are full of mystery and opportunity. We would like to share with you a story of some beauty that unfolded recently as Leif and Katie continue to walk in their Belief... in AML and in their calling to make the move to come and serve here:

"After three days living in our new apartment with only an air mattress, a coffee pot and one camping chair, I (Katie) felt the need to craigslist some furniture. We found an old dresser 20 minutes north of us and headed out to discover Zionville. When we arrived to a small country farm, we were met by warm smiles and two little dogs. 

It became clear right away that we were in the company of other believers.  We loaded the dresser together while explaining our journey to Boone and they were compelled by our story to give more. They began asking what other items we needed to get settled. I already had a list in my purse of the items we needed. The wife grabbed the list from me and like a scavenger hunt she began leading us through their storage area and home to find as many of the items as possible. They perfectly exemplified lavishly and cheerfully giving. At one point she event reached into her shopping bag and gave us a brand new set of measuring spoons that she had clearly just purchased. It was remarkable to find such generosity through craigslist, but the husband kindly reminded me that this meeting was "a God thing."

We pulled into their driveway expecting to pay $20 for an old dresser and we left with a dresser, two night stands, a lamp, a bookshelf, kitchen items and once again confidence in God's provision" 

How has Belief guided you into something beautiful and meaningful lately? What discoveries and opportunities await as you step forward in Belief?