Discovering Potential Through Expedition

I can't shake something that a teacher recently said to her students on the final day of an AML program; "it's not that I thought you all couldn't do it; I just never knew if you'd get the chance." What a powerful and insightful statement. So many of our youth today have the capacity for so much more than they currently know or even dare to dream. Whether it is fear, lack of opportunity, or some other distraction, it is unfortunately all too common that students aren't realizing their capacity to affect change through their leadership potential. We long to change that.

The program that I am referring to above was a four day, immersive experience into the beautiful and rugged mountains of North Carolina. The group experienced rain, river crossings, descents down slippery hillsides, climbs up steep trail, the weight of a heavy pack, sharing the work load, cooking meals for one another, laughter, climbing up vertical rock, navigational challenges, failure, and success (just to name a few).      

Over their four day expedition, these students were pushed in ways most people do not have the opportunity to experience ever... and they learned that they have the capacity to excel in dynamic and even adverse circumstances. What an empowering and transformational experience!

We are privileged to serve students and adults in this way. And we are proud of those whom we are privileged to serve.