Leif and Katie Say Yes!

Dear Belay Team,

Let us introduce ourselves! We are Leif (pronounced Lay-f) and Katie Mieras (pronounced Mere-us). We have been married for 4.5 years, live in Vero Beach, Florida, and God has been doing miraculous work in our lives.  While living in Vero, God has helped us establish a young adult group out of our home; it is a place where everyone feels welcome and included. We have also finished paying off our student loans. We are extremely grateful to have spent our time here, but God has called us to step out in faith and move to Boone to Partner with Tom and Emma with Appalachian Mountain Leadership.

This process all began when I convinced Emma and our girlfriend Kate to come visit us in Florida over Memorial Day weekend. The three of us lived together in college and we thought it would be fun to have a mini reunion. The night before our get together, Tom decided that he was going to come with Emma and hang out with Leif. They started talking and quickly discovered that they had a similar vision for ministry and a similar pace of life. 

A few weeks later, Tom and Emma invited us to visit them in Boone to see how God would have us join them in their ministry. After seeing the ministry of AML, it seemed like a perfect fit for Leif, but was a HUGE stretch for me. From the beginning, I was open to visiting Boone, but I had no intention of moving there; after all, our entire family lives in Vero Beach, we are involved and invested in our church, and we just bought our first home. Little did I know what God had in mind for us. They took us rock climbing and I was feeling extremely nervous about it. It made me feel better that Tom would belay me since I know he is an experienced instructor. As soon as I got harnessed up and ready to climb, Tom hands the rope and belay equipment over to Leif. I start freaking out (on the inside). God spoke to me in that moment saying that he had placed Leif in my life for my protection, not Tom. I needed to trust that God was leading him and just climb on.  Long story short, I climbed and didn’t die .

During my quiet time in Boone after the rock climbing escapade, I was wrestling with God and asking Him how I could possibly fit into this ministry. After crying out to God and journaling near the creek, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart saying that my role in AML is to lay my life down for my husband, to show him that I trust him to lead our family and am willing to go anywhere that God calls us. God completely changed my heart in reference to moving to Boone.  This is the moment that God has asked us to step out in faith and we are committed to obeying Him by moving to Boone in October. 

We are confident that this is only the beginning of God’s work in our lives with this ministry and we are excited to see where he leads.

Leif and Katie