Serving the Jason Project

Fostering servant leadership is an amazing calling. And we won’t be shy about saying that our work brings us a lot of joy. Whether it is working with an individual, a group, or an established organization with an formalized mission and vision- we are privileged to provide the encouragement and tools to further foster their own leadership calling. 

It’s humbling too. The individuals and groups that we serve regularly inspire us. We believe that every organization and individual has been gifted and called for the benefit of their local community, school, family, and workplace. Our programs don’t seek to dole out mission and vision- they are designed to uncover the mission and vision that already exists, call it specifically what it is, and encourage the pursuit of that purpose. 

One such organization that we are honored to be serving is the Jason Project (and their Grandfather Challenge initiative). They have an incredible vision to see at-risk youth rise above their circumstances. Primarily, they aim to serve youth suffering from mental illness and/or substance addiction. Their preferred tool for doing this work is the experience of spending time hiking the diverse and demanding trails of Grandfather Mountain.  (To learn more about the Jason Project, you can read their article in the High Country Press)

AML is proud to step in and support with the facilitation and technical support their vision requires. We can't wait to write more about these programs!