Shoes and Celebration

If you haven’t learned this yet about AML, we’ll tell you. We like to celebrate. In every provision and every opportunity, we like to celebrate. We celebrate those things which are currently happening and those things for which we hope in the future. And the past few months have been dense with cause for celebration. We wanted to tell you about one of those things that we don’t want to let disappear beneath the radar.

Last month, we received an amazing gift of gear from a family of supporters. Among the incredible resources that we’ve been blessed to add to our inventory are 13 pairs of rock climbing shoes. 

It’s hard to not think about the feet that will occupy these shoes. It’s hard to not think about the bodies and the people attached to the feet that will benefit from these shoes. If these shoes could talk, in time, they would tell of many thousands of vertical feet worth of terrain that they’ve traveled. The learning and growth that will take place in these shoes is incredible to think about.

So let’s celebrate… celebrate in the gift of shoes!