The Leaders You Won't See in a Photo Album

If you're reading this blog, chances are you've also looked at our latest photo album entitled "Created for Purpose 2015" on AML's FB page. You've gazed into the faces of individuals that, over the course of 14 days, put in much hard work and exercised their leadership capacity in the service of others. Through those photos, you got to see them in action.

But there is also another team of leaders whose faces aren't in the photos you've seen. While instructors and students are in the field, we have staff who are diligently serving program goals in town- ensuring that resupplies are in order, sending out equipment and receiving equipment, updating parents and supporters, shuttling vehicles at hours most are sleeping ,and being on call for any other type of need that might arise. Without these leaders, a program like Created for Purpose (CFP for short) simply would not be able to exist. 

The approach to leadership that we aim to foster and inspire is servant leadership. It would be a disservice to our mission to not draw some attention to the impact of the servant leadership exercised by our in-town staff during the CFP wilderness expedition. Without individuals willing to utilize their resources for the good of others, the quality of a program deteriorates rapidly. But with their willingness to step into such a role of service, AML was able to aim big and reach some pretty amazing goals by serving our students with excellence.

So thank you to all who support AML's work through service. Your time, talent, and financial resources allow us to serve our students well, and they inspire us all to step more fully into the role of a servant leader.