The Words of a Student

What would an AML student want to tell you about their experience?

You're in luck; here is just a glimpse into the mind of a student going through the transformative "Created for Purpose" wilderness expedition. Clearly, this is not merely a wilderness journey. It is a life expanding, eye opening, God glorifying journey of a lifetime. We are so privileged to serve students like this.

Day 11: “These past few days, I have been truly blown away by how beautiful and awe inspiring everything is. From the smallest plant to the biggest mountain, everything seems so much brighter. Colors are more vibrant… and I suddenly seem so small. I have pushed through this journey, troubles, pleasures and all. I have pushed onward in a spiritual journey as well. The Lord is teaching me great things in every breath I breath. Purpose is something I have always struggled with, and I had hoped my purpose (where the Lord is leading me) would suddenly become clear to me on this trip… I feel like I am just picking up the pieces that will one day lay out to make the bigger picture. I just have to be patient and have FAITH… We ALL have wonderful purpose and I can’t wait to continue my journey of life to see what it is. It all leaves me breathless, I have no words great enough to describe how a life with the Lord feels.”