Wall of Support

This is the view from my desk. I look up from my computer or reading and this colorful display is what I see. What an incredible and constant reminder it has been.

For those who aren't familiar with the story of these colored-in logos, I'll give the brief version... A couple months ago, one of our supporters thought it would be fun to enlarge a copy of our black and white logo and pass it out to some friends and fellow supporters with the instructions "Here is a picture for you to color and decorate any way you like." Since then, we have received a regular stream of varied interpretations of AML's logo- each one complete with a unique piece of its artist. You'll notice that our original is in the center at the bottom. 

Every time I look up, I am reminded of the diverse and energetic support that AML has as we seek to serve through our mission. This growing collage represents to us the support team that we have. It would be impossible to do what we're doing without the encouragement, financial and prayer support of so many individuals and families. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to contribute to the collage, we want to provide that. You'll find the PDF and instructions below. We hope to add you to our wall.