Rest and Renewal

Stay tuned to find out what this image has to do with AML Rest and Renewal programs...

Stay tuned to find out what this image has to do with AML Rest and Renewal programs...


What a terrifying and tragic thing to hear. It is scary because it is usually said by someone who has been, in many ways an exemplary leader. They have likely been deeply and visibly committed to shepherding a group of people, desiring and striving for their greatest good. They have probably been passionate, sacrificial, and true champions of a mission and vision. Their impact can be seen coursing throughout the culture of the organization, team, church, school, business, or community in which they lead. How is it that someone who, at one time, has been so passionately and effectively leading loses their drive?

It is tragic because when a leader burns out, the whole community suffers. When a cause or mission loses its chief advocate, there is (at the very least) a set-back in the delivery of that vision or mission. In some cases organizations, businesses, and communities never recover from a loss in leadership.

Much can be said of preventing burn out amongst leaders. In fact, there are a number of great resources out there that will help you identify if you are nearing that edge.

Here at AML, we value great leaders. We don't want to see passionate and talented leaders burn out... especially those leaders in full-time ministry. This is where our Rest and Renewal programs come in. We are certain that a lifetime of effective leadership requires regular times of pulling away from the intensity of full-time ministry followed by immersion in quiet retreat. We see this pattern, or rhythm, in  the ministry of Jesus.

We will begin to offer our Rest and Renewal programs in the Spring of 2016. And to say that we can't wait to begin serving leaders in this way would be an understatement. But in the meantime, we ask of those in leadership positions: 

  • When was the last retreat you took (not lead)? 
  • When was the last time you pulled away from ministry (that includes not checking your email)?
  • What ways have you found effective for preventing burn out as you continue in your role as a servant leader?