First Adventures, Episode 4: Zach's Adventure

From car camping with his family to working his first season as a whitewater guide on the Ocoee river, Zach takes us on a brief journey through his 'First Adventure.' Bed bugs, banning showers, combat rafting... these are just a few of the topics he touches on in this short video. 

Perhaps most striking though, are the discoveries that Zach's 'First Adventure' unveiled for him. We won't spoil it for you... you'll just have to watch for yourself!

Adventure is one of the three environments (along with Community and Wilderness) that we utilize in AML's programing to foster and inspire servant leadership. In this series of videos, we ask folks to remember their first adventure- where the idea came from, memorable moments, and the impact that their adventure had on their lives. We hope these brief reflections stir up vivid memories of your first adventure, or perhaps they'll even inspire you to have your very first.

If that happens for you, tell us about it below!