A Leader's Heart and A Sense of Wonder

Call it what you will... wonder, awe, admiration, fascination, amazement, or stupefaction (a personal favorite). We all know the feeling of being so enamored by a thing that we can't stop staring at it. I've experienced it in a campfire, the landscape of southern Utah's canyons , a newborn's facial expressions, a captivating photograph or painting, the ocean's movement at the shore, and a bird gliding upward on a rush of warming air. These are just to name a handful. When setting out to define "wonder" it seems that you really have to mingle together a collection of feelings to hit the mark. It is part surprise, part astonishment; it is part curiosity and part excitement. Wonder has a graceful, yet unapologetically forceful, way of holding both your attentions and your affections.

For as difficult as it is to describe wonder, there is at least one facet to wonder that is concrete. In the work that we do at AML it is clear that wonder is essential to the formation and sustaining of a leader's heart- particularly when it comes to vision (casting, carrying, pursuing, and instilling) A leader must be able to stand in awe of the future, seeing its potential and being astonished and excited for all that it holds. A leader who is not able to stand in awe and wonder of the future impact of the vision that they are currently carrying will simply trudge- gradually slowing to a tragic halt. Conversely, a leader who looks towards the future with awe and wonder will step forward in vision, shedding discouragement and pressing into the future hope that is set before them. 

How do you nurture your sense of wonder? How will you nurture your sense of wonder?