Twenty Thousand One Hundred Sixty



...why is this number significant? This is the number of minutes that pass during 14 days. 20,160 one minute moments pass in two weeks time.

On July 22nd, AML wrapped up our 14 day, Created for Purpose, expedition. And each moment of the expedition was marked with significance. Whether it was a moment spent stepping into the role of navigating, food preparation, camp set-up, establishing a bear hang, serving a local non-profit, praying for the group, taking-in a mountainous vista, tending to a blister, admiring a cool clear creek, belaying a peer, scaling vertical rock, enjoying the colors of the sky as the sun set in the west, or simply recovering from a long day in the comfort of a sleeping bag each moment mattered- all 20,160 of them. 

Some of them bear significance in their beauty, serving as standards for the kind of beauty wilderness and creation have to offer. Other moments bear significance in their ability to peel back the layers of preconceptions that students may have developed and maintained leading up to that moment- revealing that they have skills and abilities that are of tremendous value, not only to them but, to their peers and their communities. Yet other moments bear significance in their ability to restore- physical, emotional, and spiritual rest as a preparation for moments to come.

Of all the value in these moments, the true value in the Created for Purpose expedition is how these 20,160 moments consolidate to form a collective impact that enriches every future moment. CFP is't an isolated experience. It ties into life at home at every turn.  To encourage that process, each student who participated in this year's CFP expedition will have 11 months of follow-up mentoring once they arrive at home.

Many of you have kept CFP 2016 in prayer from day one, and before. Thank you. Please keep that momentum in prayer, that these students would be propelled into their mentoring relationships with great excitement. Empowered individuals, empowered communities.