True Leadership

True Leadership.png

AML Instructors do wear an official and designated leadership role... "Instructor." But we all know that there is nothing in the title that grants special power. Granted, there is often a very narrow window of time when a group first arrives where the title "Instructor" will bear a bit more weight. But we know that the youth and adults we serve are formulating an impression of our Instructors from the moment they get off the bus or step out of the car. Our participants are discerning whether or not this person is knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring, up to the task, and worth following. If we sent an Instructor into the field who wore the title, "AML Instructor" but lacked knowledge, integrity, love, and proficiency, he/she would not be an effective leader.

We know that the title "Instructor" isn't the sufficient credential to be able to provide leadership throughout a one, three, or fourteen day program. Because the truth is that anyone could be assigned the title "Instructor." At AML, we identify our "Instructors" when we see the true credentials manifested in their work and life.  Our Instructors are leaders before wearing the title of "AML Instructor." Identifying them as such is simply a sign of confirmation of their effectiveness as influencers and educators as well as our commitment, as an organization, to continue investing in and building them up. 

So look around you, at the designated and appointed leaders you are following. Examine yourself in your own designated and appointed leadership roles. I encourage you to spend some time identifying the true credentials that make them/ you a leader in these roles. How much do they/ you rely on the title? How much is the title a confirmation of their/ your underlying abilities and intention?