What Is At The Core?

What Is At The Core.png

"Leadership starts on the inside," is one of the most foundational truths for anyone aspiring to lead others. The best leadership tools and strategies in the hands of a leader who hasn't examined herself or himself will always produce a mere shadow of the leadership potential that she or he truly has. 

AML has three foundational and specific outcomes for any of our programs:

  1. Increased Self-Awareness
  2. Heightened Community Awareness
  3. Practical Leadership Skills

It is not an accident that "Increased Self-Awareness" is the first of our program outcomes. Asking individuals to exercise their influence on others (and even equipping them to do so) without having first given them the chance to articulate their personal sense of purpose, vision, and direction would be trending towards recklessness. 

Only out of an understanding of our personal sense of purpose can we then have the proper footing from which to be of service to others. Without taking the time to do this, we will be adrift in our attempt to become effective leaders.

Another way to look at this is that self awareness serves as a filter through which we make our directional decisions in life and leadership. And we need a filter. Surely, there are so many things- good things and bad things- that we can choose to serve as leaders. So how do we choose what exactly to say yes to? I suggest saying yes to those good things which are also in line with your personal sense of purpose and vision. 

Can you articulate what that is for you? What is your personal sense of purpose and vision?