Created for Purpose Overview

Created for Purpose (or CFP) is a transformative once in a lifetime adventure program. This open enrollment program is designed specifically for high school students, ages 14-17. During their 7 day backpacking, rock climbing, and rappelling expedition students will explore what it means to live, and lead, out of their identity in Jesus. CFP is designed to be a transformative journey for both young men and young women in which students are encouraged to discover their value as God’s workmanship and become more effective stewards of their gifts and passions- enabling them exercise servant leadership in their churches, schools, families, and other communities.

We work with Christians from a variety of backgrounds and denominations, and we are happy to any questions you may have regarding our approach to Christian Spiritual formation and Discipleship. For our programs (such as CFP) which incorporate Christian discipleship, we have established a Statement of Beliefs as a point of reference. Click here to see that statement of beliefs.

Program Details

  • 2019 Dates: June 16-22

  • Program Length: 7 Days

  • Age: 14-17

  • Cost: $850

  • Program Elements: Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Backpacking, and Service as Missions

  • Location: Course start and finish will take place at Valle Crucis Community park just outside of Boone, NC. During their expedition, students will be traveling through the beautiful and rugged Pisgah National Forest around the Wilson Creek and Linville Gorges.

  • Equipment: AML provides all technical and group equipment. Participants are responsible for all personal items covered on the Clothing and Gear List for CFP.

targeted program Outcomes

  • Participants will experience Spiritual growth and maturation. CFP is designed around a rhythm of observation and study followed by interpretation and application. This experiential learning process bridges the gap between a conceptual understanding of faith and the practice of living a life that flows from that understanding.

  • Participants will develop cooperative social skills. The expeditionary nature of CFP provides the perfect context for interacting with the fundamental challenges of working on a team. It also provides an ideal environment to safely experiment with transferable strategies for overcoming these challenges.

  • Participants will acquire new tools for effectively leading out of their Spiritual identity in Christ. Each student will have the opportunity to exercise leadership in a variety of roles- during which AML Instructors will provide appropriate support for strengthening their ability to effectively steward their leadership opportunities.

Sample Itinerary

Students should expect to be camping each night and traveling 3-6 miles per day with a backpack weighing 35-45 lbs for the duration of their Created for Purpose experience. CFP is an expedition in which the student group and Instructing Team (two AML Instructors) will be self sufficient throughout the program, and students should expect to carry both their personal gear and group equipment that may be assigned to them on varied and rough terrain.

Day 1: Arrival, orientation, issue gear, head into the backcountry

Day 2: Backpacking

Day 3: Backpacking, service as missions

Day 4: Backpacking, solo time

Day 5: Rock climbing and rappelling

Day 6: Rock climbing and backpacking

Day 7: Backpacking, closing ceremony, de-issue gear, departure

In the words of CFP Participants…

“I have known who the Bible says Jesus is and that it says that Jesus loves me. But I think I finally know and feel that He loves me.”

“These past few days, I have been truly blown away by how beautiful and awe inspiring everything is. From the smallest plant to the biggest mountain, everything seems so much brighter. Colors are more vibrant… and I suddenly seem so small. I have pushed through this journey, troubles, pleasures and all. I have pushed onward in a spiritual journey as well. The Lord is teaching me great things in every breath I breath.”

“I have accomplished something great and discovered something good in myself that I never realized was there.”