Foundations for Leading Group Experiences

Whether you’re a seasoned group leader or brand new to it, leading a group of people through many experiences can be a challenging task- and a task well worth striving to become more proficient in.

We created this fun and active program in order to provide training on the fundamental principles which will, when applied, enhance your ability to lead groups of any size well. Applications can be made for leading groups in your community, church, or workplace. This program is designed to provide a foundational framework on which to build a wide variety of successful and positive group experiences.

Program Details

  • Program Dates:

    • Program One: March 22, 8:30-12:30

    • Program Two: June 7, 8:30-12:30

  • Program Length: 4 hours 8:30-12:30

  • Cost: $70/ participant

  • Program Elements: This 4 hour program will utilize outdoor space as much as weather permits. Indoor space will be utilized as needed.

  • Location: Valle Crucis Community Park Conference Room

  • Equipment: Please consult this short gear list for instruction on what to bring.

Targeted Program Outcomes

  • Participants will be experience personal growth and maturation in their identity as a leader and facilitator, resulting from a targeted examination and definition of the role of a group leader.

  • Participants will have a deeper understanding of the foundational dynamics present in the groups they lead. This will enable training participants to proactively and effectively facilitate desired group outcomes of their own.

  • Participants will acquire new tools for planning and facilitating group experiences which are in line with their group’s specific mission and purpose.

Program Itinerary

8:30: Arrival, Orientation, Opening Activity

9:00: Session One, “The Leadership Role”

10:00: Session Two, “Group Dynamics”

11:00: Session Three, “On a Mission Together”

12:00 Review and wrap-up

12:30 Departure