What program participants are saying

“I have accomplished something great and discovered something good in myself that I never realized was there.”

-Youth Program Participant

“These boys did nothing but encourage each other today and [they] really got to experience something new. At the end of the day, they were gently encouraged to “be the men we need” in the world, which is highly important and seriously beautiful that our [Instructors] recognized the ability of these guys to be amazing human beings, despite the challenges they’ve faced.”

-Accompanying Adult on a Youth Program

“Today I faced one of my top five fears… I was terrified but I found pride in myself when I faced it.”

-Created for Purpose (CFP) Student

"We made huge jumps in appreciation and understanding of each other's strengths and unique contribution."

-Adult Program Participant

“I have known who the Bible says Jesus is and that it says that Jesus loves me. But I think I finally know and feel that He loves me.”

-Created for Purpose (CFP) Student

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