our vision compels us  

At AML, we envision a future where individuals, teams, and communities are transformed by a renewed commitment to steward their passions and resources as gifts intended to benefit everyone.


AML's mission is to foster and inspire servant leadership in our staff and participants. 

our values guide us

AML's core values are the principles that determine our character as an organization. Our four core values are Service, Compassion, Belief, and Excellence.


We define Service as a giving of time and resources towards meeting the needs of individuals and communities and the cultivation of an inward posture of giving.

We define Compassion as a deep desire to see the greatest good come to those around you, and tenderness towards the needs of individuals and communities.

We define Belief as conviction that leads to bold and consistent action, and a commitment to the ongoing process of examining, refining, and understanding those convictions.

We define Excellence as a commitment to being fit to serve, guide, and mentor.



It takes team to make the impact that AML does. We call our team of supporters our Belay Team. AML is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations made to AML are tax deductible.