Wilderness retreat plus

Similar to the Wilderness Retreat, the goal of this 3 day backpacking program is to provide an immersive experience for youth and/or adults in the rugged and beautiful mountains of North Carolina. These 3 day retreats incorporate Christian Spiritual formation into our services. Our Instructing teams are uniquely qualified to lead groups through both technical elements of our programs and the precious opportunity to connect with Jesus.

We work with Christians from a variety of backgrounds and denominations, and we are happy to discuss any of the details regarding our approach to Christian Spiritual formation prior to crafting your program. For programs in the realm of Christian Spiritual formation, we have established a Statement of Beliefs as a point of reference. Click here to see that statement of beliefs.

Program Details

  • What is Included in the Cost: AML provides all the technical and group equipment necessary for our Wilderness Retreat Plus. We also provide energy rich meals and snacks for the duration of the program. Take a look at our Gear List to see what each participant will be responsible for brining.

  • Program Length: AML’s Wilderness Retreat takes place over the course of 3 days- typically from Friday evening to Sunday mid-afternoon.

  • Program Location: All AML programs start remotely, meaning your group will be responsible for transportation to the designated trailhead or program location (to be designated at time of booking). Our typical program area for a Wilderness Retreat Plus is the Wilson Creek area, located just south of the iconic Grandfather Mountain and adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  • Program Cost:

    • 6-8 Participants: $2,060

    • 9-10 Participants: $2,450

    • 11-12 Participants: $2,780